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Talleh 2550 ,Tallet El Khayyat, Beirut, Lebanon
Talleh 2550, as the name implies, is located on an elevated hill in Tallet El Khayyat, in a distinctive quiet residential area of Beirut. The kitchens, with its high quality cabinets and counters have been fitted with Refrigerators, Built-in Ovens, Hobs, Hoods & Microwaves. Campomatic's Duct type Air Conditioners have also been fitted to the entire building for the high end requirement of the developer.
Developer: Riad Halabi & Parteners
Riad Halabi’s name is associated with professionalism in the construction material field. Their objective is to create new residential developments for the rising Lebanese real estate market. With their experienced and highly qualified team, they aim to set a high standard of design and construction in superior quality projects. 
Residential Units:12
Commercial Units:0
Completion: 2012
Kitchen Appliances: 204